Leaf Me Up

Hotel NuVe Elements, Clarke Quay. 

41 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059680

Open 24 Hours. 7 Days a week.

Going on a holiday but no one to look after your plant collection?
Leaf your precious plants with us!
Staycation Package: Place your plants at Leaf Me Up from $5 per night (3 medium-sized pots). Bigger sized pots can be arranged at a higher fee. Delivery can be arranged from $15 per trip (Pick-up/Drop-off). 
Plant-sitting Package: We will visit your home to care for your plant collection. From $50 per trip. 
Have a worry-free holiday. WhatsApp us for a quote today!  We will update you with photos of your plants on a weekly basis. Please note we will make every effort to care for the plants, and if they do not thrive, we will not consider ourselves accountable for their demise.

Acclimated & Rooted

All our house plants are acclimated and well-rooted before putting up for sale.


10 Day Guarantee*

We guarantee our plants for a period of 10 days after purchase, providing the plants have not been removed from the original pot and substrate. A record of the PayNow transaction is required. 

*We do not compensate damage that is considered reasonable transit stress, for example: Minor folds or slight discolouration in leaves. A proportionally small loss in foliage compared to the size of plant. There should be no root disturbance or any cutting of the plant for a minimum of 10 days after receipt. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of care before authorising a refund.


Complimentary Items

Help yourself with the free potting mix, bamboo sticks and twine when you make any purchase at our store.

Plant Shop

Open 24/7

Our plant shop is open 24 hours. 7 days a week.


10% OFF everything

with minimum purchase of $100