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General Plant Care

Unlike big nurseries where plants are sold once imported, our house plants are well-acclimated before going on sale. Our locally propagated plants are also well-rooted compared to other sellers. 

We offer a 10 Day Guarantee* policy to all our customers.  

Most of our house plants are also labelled with care guide to make your plant journey a stress-free one!

Best tips to keep house plants alive so they don’t leaf you 🙂 

1) Don’t overwater your plants (Most important). Check if top soil is dry before watering. Most houseplants require only 1 to 2 times of watering a week. The frequency of watering depend on the environment they are in. Always poke your finger into the soil to check if soil is dry before each watering. If they are placed in a hot corner of the house, more watering is required. Water evenly (not just water the centre) and wait for the water to flow out from the bottom of the pot. 

2) Give them ample light. Low-light tolerant plants thrive better when you give them more light. Most houseplants don’t like direct sunlight as it can cause burn to their leaves. 

3) Don’t repot too soon. Always wait for your new plants to adapt to your home. Repot is not necessary unless it is very root bound (e.g. lots of roots coming out from the bottom of the pot). If you really want to report, wait at least 2 weeks before repotting your plants. Aroid Mix or potting mix (with 50% other medias (perlite, pumice, chips etc) is recommened to be used for potting to improve the drainage. 

4) Use slow release fertilizers. This reduce the risk of over fertilizing your plants which can cause burn to the leaves. Do this once every 3 months. 

5) Do not move your plants around the house too much. Plants like stability, so if your plants are doing well at a spot, do not move them to another corner unless you really have to.  

6) Remove dead leaves from the pot. Removing dead leaves or dying leaves prevent pests and keep your plant healthy. Regularly pruning of your plant also encourage your plant to grow.

7) Keep the leaves dry. Plants with thick foliage (Monstera, Philodendron, Ficus etc) are prone to fungus rust (yellow and brown spots on the leaves). Ample airflow is beneficial for your plants as well. 

8) If your plant is not doing well, check that you are not overwatering your plant and they are receiving enough light. You might also want to check for pests on your plant. If you spot bugs on the plants, remove them immediately and spread neem oil on the entire plant including the soil (repeat this for 3 times a week).

9) Wipe the leaves once a week. Our houseplants are not living in the nature where they receive regular rainfall to clean their leaves to prevent pests and dirt. The leaves are like solar panel; regular wiping remove dusts and keep pests away. The plant also receive more light through the chlorophyll (green Pigment in leaf).

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. 🙂 



Acclimated & Rooted

All our house plants are acclimated and well-rooted before putting up for sale.


10 Day Guarantee*

We guarantee our plants for a period of 10 days after purchase, providing the plants have not been removed from the original pot and substrate. A record of the PayNow transaction is required. 

*We do not compensate damage that is considered reasonable transit stress, for example: Minor folds or slight discolouration in leaves. A proportionally small loss in foliage compared to the size of plant. There should be no root disturbance or any cutting of the plant for a minimum of 10 days after receipt. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of care before authorising a refund.


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Help yourself with the free potting mix, bamboo sticks and twine when you make any purchase at our store.


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